Society & Culture

Society and Culture study courses focus on the relationship between people, society, culture, environment, and time. The concepts used in this course are drawn from other disciplines including anthropology, philosophy, psychology, social ecology, sociology, communication, media, and cultural studies.

Depending on the university protocol, society and culture are often included in the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) course but you may also take this as a teaching specialty.

Society and Culture is a perfect fit for students who have an innate interest in learning the

intricacies of people, society and culture and how different culture and societies functions. There is a growing number of international students taking up this course because Australia itself has a diverse culture and its high population of immigrants from around the world allows students to experience it firsthand.  

Graduates of Society and Culture study courses have a fair chance of getting a secured and long term employment in areas of high school teaching, educational policy development, and research and analysis.

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