Why Study in Australia

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is the cradle of 43 universities (40 Australian universities in which 37 are government-funded, 2 international, and 1 private specialty) and 1,100 education providers that offer more than 22,000 study courses. 

The country has a high-regarded education system and effective methods of teaching as substantiated by the latest results of the 2019 World University Ranking where 6 Australian universities made it to the top 100 list of the best performing universities from around the globe.

Australia is one of the top favorites for student immigrants based on employer concentration and activity, student mix, affordability in education and cost and living, and lifestyle desirability. Among 30 best cities in the world for student immigrants, 5 of Australia’s cities made it to the list. The abundant employment opportunities, excellent quality of life, great weather, strict implementation of overseas student’s rights and chill and laidback lifestyle make it a perfect destination country to explore your studies.

The Australian government proactively encourages student immigrants. They welcome overseas students to the country by allotting more than A$200 million annual budget for international scholarships giving everyone from around the world an equal opportunity to experience what Australian education can do to change and improve your future.