Admission Counselling

The thought of studying and living in Australia is exciting because of its

colorful and diverse culture, amazing spots, laidback and chill lifestyle, top-ranking colleges, universities, and learning institutions and limitless opportunities to get exposed to different cultures, learn different languages, and discover different career options.

Choosing a course to study and specialize in Australia can be stressful, with numerous popular and in-demand courses to choose from and several high-quality accommodation choices to consider. If you don’t know where to start, how to organize and gather your requirements, and what needs to be done to get into a study abroad program, don’t worry because we are here to help you advance on your study abroad plans.

Reach Your Dream Studies (RYDS) offers admission counseling to help you create a workable education plan and get you into your chosen institution in Australia. Our skilled admission counselors are ready to listen to your goals, plans, and help you develop a comprehensive and personalized study abroad program road map right just for you.

The first thing you need to secure is an admission from an Australian university thus we need to set-up your study plans first.  Our team of experienced admission counselor helps international students right from choosing the most suitable course, selecting the right education provider, processing your visa application, acquiring Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), travel to Australia, down to your admission and accommodation.

We listen to your life plans

Reach Your Dream Studies (RYDS) understands that you are the pilot of your life and we are here to offer help in making those plans happen.  We start by listening to what you want to achieve in your education, career, and life in general. Your goal determines the things you need to achieve which are considered as your pre-requisite towards achieving your bigger purpose. 

Eligibility Evaluation

Here at Reach Your Dream Studies (RYDS), we make the process easier and simpler for you. One of our experienced visa consultants will conduct a visa evaluation for you to prepare you and your requirements in your visa file.
During your eligibility evaluation session, one of our skilled visa consultants will ask you a few questions to assess your language proficiency and motive to enter Australia. This assessment helps us identify the possible assistance we can provide to facilitate your requirements. We make sure that we only submit the best visa application to immigration authorities.
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Choosing your Study Options

After we identify your education goals and evaluate your visa requirements, our skilled visa consultants will help you choose the most suitable study options for you which include the following:
  • Choose your course based on your interest and preference.
  • Choose what city you want to live and study.
  • Choose the most suitable university that offers your chosen course and career plans.
  • Your entry requirements will determine what type of study options is suitable for you. Our visa consultants will provide suggestions on study options that you may take such as Vocational Education and Training or Undergraduate degree.
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Admission to your Preferred Institution

Our trained immigration agents will help you through the application process which includes:
  • Gather and organize all necessary documents required to enroll in your preferred learning institution
  • Help you with all the paperwork needed for your visa application processes such as your Transcript of Record, diplomas, certificates, and other personal identity documents.
  • Guide you in completing all the forms.
  • Once all requirements are ready, our immigration agents will submit your visa application.
  • Send us a message and let our experienced education agent guide you throughout the process of acquiring your student visa.
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